Code Enforcement

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Looking for code enforcement or compliance information? What can you do to keep in compliance with city code? Find information here.

Local laws  which are codes and ordinances designed to promote high-quality land management and protect the overall wellbeing of the community.  Some codes are enforced through the building or zoning permit process. Others are enforced on a complaint basis after receipt of a signed code enforcement complaint form.  City policy is to react to potential code violations after receipt of a signed, written complaint. This is known as 'reactive' code enforcement and is standard for cities like Belle Plaine.

Avoid Common Code Violations

Tall Grass or Weeds

Keep your lawn mowed regularly and remove weeds from your property. Grass and weeds in excess of 8" (inches) in height must be mowed and maintained throughout the growing season. Control volunteer brush and trees to prevent the rank growth of vegetation on your property.

Improper Vehicle Parking

Do not leave unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicles parked outside on your property. Keep automobiles parked on paved surfaces and do not allow semi tractors or other commercial vehicles to be parked on your property.

Residential Area Parking

On and off-street parking facilities accessory to residential uses can only be used for the parking of licensed and operable passenger automobile, no more than one truck not to exceed gross capacity of nine thousand (9,000) pounds, and recreational vehicles and equipment. A permit is needed for a parking pad or parking lot. 

All areas intended to be utilized for parking space and driveways need to be surfaced with materials suitable to control dust and drainage. Driveways and parking stalls are to be surfaced with asphalt or concrete. Plans for surfacing and drainage of driveways and parking stalls for five or more vehicles must be submitted to the City Engineer for his/her review and the final drainage plan shall be subject to his/her written approval.

Improper Outside Storage

Keep items not intended for outdoor use, stored indoors. If you need to place such items outside, be sure they are not left there permanently. All outside storage of materials and equipment for residential uses shall be stored within a building or fully screened so as not to be visible from adjoining properties.

Store your trash in appropriate enclosed garbage bins and keep them out of your front yard on non pick-up days. Do not allow rubbish to be stored or disposed of outdoors on your property.

Litter on Private Property

It is unlawful for any person to throw, deposit, maintain, or store outside any litter on any private property within the City, whether owned by such person or not, and the owner and the person in control of any such private property shall at all times maintain the premises free of litter.