Permit Guide

Pulling a permit? We're here to help!

Our review process consists of applications and reviews. The review process usually consists of three steps.

  1. Step One - Gather Information

Gather Information, Talk With Us

Having a clear idea of what you are proposing and how it fits on your property and with community plans will help you save time and money in the review process. Doing some homework is often helpful. Here's some information to get you started.

Our Preliminary Project Conversation

After doing some research, please contact the Community Development Department to talk about your potential project. We'll talk about what reviews are needed and anticipated timeframe. Please know each proposed project is different so review timelines, costs, information needed, and applications needed will be different.

Pre-Submittal Review

More significant developments may require you to attend a pre-submittal meeting(s) with senior City staff. This helps us all become familiar with your development plan and identify significant review issues.

  1. Step Two - Zoning Review
  1. Step Three - Building Review