Fire Department

The Belle Plaine Fire Department has been serving the City of Belle Plaine and surrounding townships since 1894. The department is made up of 30 members, nearly half of whom are certified First Responders. The members are all on call and respond in the event of an emergency from home or work.

Belle Plaine Fire Department Volunteer Firefighters

  • Dennis Aretz
  • Nicholas Davis
  • Christopher Herrmann
  • Marc Marispini
  • Travis Otto
  • Brian Siekmann
  • Brandon Bast
  • Suzanne Eidem
  • Clinton Herrmann
  • Andrew Mesenbring
  • Nicholas Reishus
  • Cole Sinnamon
  • Nicholas Bosquez
  • Alexander Erickson
  • Ryan Herrmann
  • Anthony Olson
  • Kyle Sammons
  • Andrew Smith
  • William Cable
  • Michael Gau
  • Maxwell Kes
  • Steven Otto
  • Rob Selly
  • Joeseph Valiant
  • Sterling Cayer
  • Timothy Hentges
  • Marcus Manser
  • Todd Otto
  • Brent Shaughnessy
  • Shaun Yahnke

Heating & Fire Safety Tips

Being aware of potential hazards in your home and practicing fire safety can decrease your chances of a fire starting in your home. These safety tips (PDF) can help maintain a safe home.