Burn Permits & Restrictions

No burning is allowed within the City limits, however, burn permits are issued for rural residents located in the Belle Plaine Fire District. Area township residents may complete a burn permit application at Belle Plaine City Hall.

The administrative fee is $25 and approved permits are in effect until December 31st. The City of Belle Plaine issues burn permits for surrounding townships within the Belle Plaine Fire Department jurisdiction which includes:

  • Belle Plaine Township
  • Blakeley Township
  • Faxon Township 
  • St. Lawrence Township

Please contact the Belle Plaine City Hall or the Fire Chief if you have questions or concerns regarding burn permits.

Important Information Regarding Burn Permits

  • Scott County Dispatch must be contacted each time burning will take place.
    • Scott County Dispatch: 952-445-1411.
  • All burn permits issued at City Hall will expire December 31 of the year issued.
  • Only vegetative materials such as grass, leaves, and brush may be burned.
  • Burn permits will not be issued within City limits.
  • Burn Permits are site specific. If you wish to burn in multiple locations, you must acquire multiple permits.
  • It is the responsibility of the permittee to acknowledge and adhere to burn bans or restrictions.