Public Works

The Belle Plaine Public Works Department is here to serve the citizens of Belle Plaine. The Department performs numerous tasks and duties throughout the City of Belle Plaine.

Belle Plaine Water Treatment Facility

In 2007 the City of Belle Plaine engaged the services of Bolton and Menk, Inc. to study and design a new water treatment facility to meet existing needs, accommodate future growth, and meet drinking water quality standards to provide a safe drinking water supply to the residents of Belle Plaine.

The treatment facility has been designed to remove iron and manganese from the raw water as well as chlorinate and fluoridate the water to enhance public health. Future advanced treatment can be accomplished by adding reverse osmosis membrane filters to the facility.

Water Meters

Meters should be paid for and picked up at City Hall located at 218 Meridian Street North. A 24-hour notice is required for meter pick-up. Please follow this same procedure when obtaining a second meter for lawn irrigation systems. You may call 952-873-5553 to schedule a water meter pick-up.

Irrigation Meters

Irrigation Meters are available for purchase and installation by a plumber.  This second meter is for outdoor watering only  and has no sewer fees.  A plumbing permit is required.  For questions call the City of Belle Plaine main office at 952-873-5553.

Consumer Confidence Reports

2022 Consumer Water Confidence Report

Water Testing Results

List of elements tested for public drinking water (iron, manganese, PH) and total hardness.

Water Conservation

In an effort to help residents reduce usage and the amount charged on that usage, The City of Belle Plaine Utilities Department would like to direct you to the WaterSense website sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

The website explains many ways you can conserve water inside and outside of your home, calculate your water savings, water sense for kids, and much more. Common types of leaks found throughout the home include:

  • The dripping faucet that keeps you awake at night
  • Leaking valves
  • Toilet flappers

The most common source of "unexplained" monthly usage is a running toilet. These all can be easily fixed and save you money on your water bills.

Hopefully you find this website helpful in your efforts to conserve water, find and stop leaks around your home and save money, too. Any time you have questions or concerns about your water bill or meter please feel free to call the public works utilities department at 952-873-6742.


For questions regarding water utilities contact Todd Otto