Municipal Utility Service

Water Efficiency Rebate

Water Drop - Water Rebate ShieldThe City offers a $75 rebate for installing qualifying WaterSense® labeled high efficiency toilets or urinals when replacing existing inefficient models. The rebate is available to water customers and designed to encourage water conservation. 

Eligibility and full rebate program details/application (PDF) are available at City Hall.

Meter Reading

The City of Belle Plaine electronically reads the water meters each month. We collect the first four numbers off of your water meter register, which tells us how many thousands of gallons are used. We only bill for the thousand gallons that are used (see example). It is common to see fluctuations from one to two thousand gallons because we read by the thousands and don't bill for the gallons used until it rolls to the next thousand.

For example: a new meter starts with a reading of zero (0000,000). A household uses 900 gallons in the first month (reading [rdg] = 0000,900). The reading that we receive from the meter is the first four numbers - which is still zero (0000). The next month the reading is 0002,300. The reading we receive is now 0002 (the first four numbers). 

Our billing system calculates the current reading less the previous reading for a total of 2,000 gallons billed. Therefore, you have been billed for zero gallons for the previous month and 2,000 gallons in the current month, even though in reality you used 900 in the first month and 1,400 in the second month. This can also explain why some residents who may average 2,333 gallons per month will see a jump to 3,000 gallons every third month.

Usage Monitoring

You have access to your meter in your basement so we strongly recommend monitoring it for usage. The national average for usage per person per month is 1,500 gallons each. Multiply that by the number of people in your household to get an average of what you should be using. 

Monitoring your usage on a daily basis might help identify some areas where usage can be reduced. Also check the water level in the tanks of the toilets - make sure it is at least an inch below the overflow tube. And please fix any toilet that is running. If you can hear a toilet running it is similar to leaving a faucet run. The most common cause of elevated usage is a running toilet.

More Information

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