Solicitors, Vendors & Peddlers

ID Requirement

For the safety and protection of the community, the City of Belle Plaine has implemented a new policy that will require all peddlers or vendors be issued a photo I.D. from City Hall. 

Peddlers and vendors are required to register with the City before performance of business can take place; all registrants are then reviewed by city administration and the Belle Plaine Police Department to verify state licensing. The use of photo I.D. will alert residents that the solicitor has been reviewed and permitted to conduct business within city limits. 

A city issued peddlers permit is not an endorsement for any product or service.

Solicitor Interactions

When approached by a solicitor, please take the following into consideration: 

  • All members must have a visible photo I.D. featuring Belle Plaine logo, name, name of business and expiration of peddlers/vendors license. Soliciting in residential areas is allowed only between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm
  • If there are any suspicions or concerns regarding a peddler or vendors' right to conduct business in your neighborhood, please contact City Hall at 952-873-5553.