Project Updates

Downtown Project Update

October 4, 2022

Contractors will be bidding on a potential Downtown Street Improvement Project. On Monday, October 3rd the City Council voted to move forward with seeking estimates to complete the project in 2023. Authorizing bids doesn’t mean a contract will be awarded. Bids are expected back in about a month. After opening the sealed bids, the City Council will vote on whether or not to award a contract and move forward with the project. More information on the project is available below and in our FAQ library. You may stream a  recording of the October 3rd meeting online. Recordings are typically uploaded within 48 hours. 

September 29, 2022

On Monday, October 3rd the City Council will receive final plans and specifications for a potential Downtown Improvement Project. The Council ordered preparation of the final plans in August. After receiving the information, the City Council will vote on whether or not to seek bids for project construction. Authorization to seek bids doesn’t mean a contract will be awarded. More information on the project is available on our project page and in our FAQ library. You may access the meeting agenda and information prior to the meeting which begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. City Council meetings may be livestreamed online. Recordings of meetings may be streamed online and are typically uploaded within 48 hours

August 18, 2022

At the August 15, 2022 City Council Meeting the Council conducted a public hearing on proposed downtown improvements. The Council heard testimony from several meeting attendees. After the hearing the Council voted to move forward with the next step in the improvement process which is preparation of plans and specifications. 

August 15, 2022

At the Monday, August 15, 2022, Belle Plaine City Council Meeting: The City Council will continue to review and examine a potential Downtown Street & Utility Improvement Project. As part of the required process to undertake such a project, the City Council will be presented with the Preliminary Engineering Report. Affected property owners have been notified of a hearing scheduled for Monday, August 15, 2022 at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers. The community is invited to participate in the hearing.

The Preliminary Engineer Report will be presented and review existing street and infrastructure conditions and makes recommendations for updates. What is presented at the Council meeting will be available after the meeting by clicking the link below.

Storm and sanitary sewer is driving the need for this proposed project. The Downtown was last addressed in 1999 but, because of previous financial constraints, sanitary sewer mains were not replaced and storm sewer was partially replaced.

Here is what you can expect at the hearing: The Mayor will introduce the hearing and staff will present information. The Mayor will open the hearing and invite audience members to step forward and comment on the project. After the hearing is closed, Council will consider and take action. The Council has four potential actions: 1. Continue with the process and approve a resolution ordering the plans and specifications (this does not mean the project is approved, the project is not approved until a bid is received and accepted by Council resolution), 2. Halt the process; 3. Postpone action and request more information before a decision is made; or 4. Change the project; reduce scope, and then order plans and specifications. Link to Public Notice

Next Steps: If the Council takes action to approve the resolution ordering plans and specifications, then it enters an approximate 3-month design and review period. MnDOT and Scott County would also be involved. As early as mid-November plans would be reviewed by Council and again action would be considered. If Council approves the plans and authorizes advertisement for bids, a 4-week advertisement/ bidding period would start. As early as December of 2022, Council could consider the bids received. Again, a project is not approved until a bid is received and accepted by Council resolution.

Assessments/Funding: The 2022 Improvement Project was included and considered in the 2022 Minnesota State legislative session bonding discussion, but a bonding bill was not approved prior to session closing. At this time, the City Council continues to investigate avenues to lower the impact on property owners. Council has directed staff to continue pursuing available outside grants and funding. Cost information discussed at the August 15th hearing does not take into account any outside funding or grants. The preliminary Assessment Roll will be available at the meeting.

Note: If the project is ordered, prior to the project conclusion an assessment hearing will be held.

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 July 11, 2022

The City Council has declined bids for Phase I of a planned Downtown Improvement Project. This does not mean the necessary improvements to critical infrastructure are being dropped. Rather, the Council will now investigate combining Phase I and Phase II of the project for 2023 construction. This will allow further consideration of project funding while continuing to move toward needed updates.

2021 Street and Utility Project Updates

June 15, 2022

The final paving on the 2021 Street Project will take place on Friday, June 17.

June 2, 2022

Contractors from the 2021 Project will be onsite in the next few days doing finishing work. If you have questions or concerns please contact Project Representative Pat Schroepfer at 507-327-5318

Belle Plaine Trail is temporarily closed due to construction of Chatfield On The Green Third Addition. Belle Plaine Trail is expected to re-open in mid to late October.

2021 Street and Utility Improvements Construction Newsletter (September, 2021)

2021 Project Area Map (PDF)

Xcel Energy Distribution Pole Replacement Project: April 26, 2021 - August 6, 2021

Michels Power, a contractor of Xcel Energy, will be in the City of Belle Plaine replacing Xcel Energy distribution poles in the Spring/Summer of 2021. There are approximately 400 distribution poles within the city of Belle Plaine needing replacement due to the structural integrity of the poles. Michels Power will begin replacing poles starting the last week of April and continuing through early August. Michels Power will be calling in locates prior to replacing these poles. For all property owners questioning when their pole(s) will be replaced, the best identifier is a colored ribbon around the pole and flags around the base of the pole. If you see these indicators, it is the intention of Michels Power to replace that pole within 14 days. Upon completion of the pole replacement Michels Power will schedule any necessary restoration with Q3 Contracting, They are Xcel Energy's restoration contractor. Please reach out to Xcel Energy, Community Relations Manager, Trisha Duncan with any questions. Trisha can be reached at 612-227-8880 or [email protected]