Permitting - Building & Zoning

Need to request an inspection or apply for a permit? Here's what you should know.  

  • Call 952-873-5553 during normal business hours or email permitting  to schedule an inspection. Inspections usually occur within 48 hours, plan on being present on-site.   
  • Download the type of permit application you need and email permitting 
  • Building permits are typically required for anything you build over 200 square feet in size. Zoning permits are typically required for fences, sheds 200 square feet and less in size, concrete slabs, parking pads, driveways, and patios. New home and commercial construction requires a permit.
  • Changes to plumbing, heating/air conditioning, and electrical usually require a permit.  
  • Working in street or alley right of way requires a permit.
  • If your project impacts a drainage or utility easement a permit is required.
  • Residential rentals require a rental permit/license.
  • You may need zoning review (variance, conditional use permit, rezoning, etc) before your permit is issued.  
  • If unsure what to do, check the permit information guide or  email permitting

Inspections are scheduled on a first come, first served basis and grouped for staff efficiency. Typically inspections are completed within 24 hours of a request. Unless instructed otherwise, most inspections require meeting on-site with an inspector. 

For building, zoning, plumbing, mechanical, right-of-way, and all other non-electrical permit inspections call 952-873-5553 during normal business hours or email permitting 

For electrical inspections contact Justin Doebbeling 612-643-1838 or schedule online at