Candidate Financial Reports

View the lists of candidates who have filed for municipal office. To find out more about each candidate, visit the Candidate Information page on the MN Secretary of State website.

 Campaign Financial Reports submitted by each candidate can be viewed on this page.

Campaign finance reports are required by Minnesota Statutes Chapter 211A for candidates for county, city, township, school district, and other political subdivision offices. They are also required for committees formed to support or defeat a candidate or ballot question. An Initial Report must be filed with the filing officer within 14 days after a candidate or committee raises or spends more than $750. Additional required reports must be filed once an Initial Report is filed.

All candidates or committees must file a Certification of Filing (PDF) within 7 days of a general or special election in which their name is on the ballot. On this form, the candidate or committee treasurer affirms either all required campaign finance reports have been filed, or the candidate or committee did not raise or spend more than $750 in that calendar year.

2022 Candidate Financial Reports