When Do You Collect Private Data About Me?

The City collects and keeps only those data about you that we need for administering and managing programs and services that are permitted by law. There is a presumption that all data are public unless there is a law that makes it not public.

When we ask you to provide data about yourself that are not public, we must give you a notice. This privacy notice is sometimes called a Tennessen warning and it controls what we do with the data that we collect from you. Usually, we can use and release the data only in the ways described in the notice.

We will ask for your written permission if we need to use or release private data about you in a different way, or if you ask us to release the data to another person. This permission is called informed consent. If you want us to release private data to another person, you must use the consent form we provide or another form approved by the City's Responsible Authority.

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