What Is The City Code?
The City Code is a collection of local laws (ordinances), standards, and regulations organized by topic areas. The City Code address:
  • How elected leaders conduct business, what departments and services are provided, how elections are conducted, and required fees
  • The composition and role of advisory boards, committees, and commissions like the Design Committee, EDA, Park Commission and Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Business and regulatory licensing and standards (not zoning or building permits)
  • Public health, protection and nuisance standards
  • Motor vehicle and public parking standards
  • Streets, sidewalks and public way standards
  • Public utility standards
  • Animal control standards
  • Franchise agreements
  • Adopted building & related construction codes
  • Zoning ordinance
  • Subdivision ordinance (platting or splitting parcels) 

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1. What Is The City Code?
2. What Is The Difference Between City Code And Ordinance?