What Business Activities Require A License?

Only certain types of business activities require a business license from the City. Businesses may require licensing from state or federal authorities as well.  The following types of business activities or places where business is conducted need a license from the City:

  • Massage Therapists and Massage Therapy Establishments
  • Body Art/Tattoo Establishments
  • Charitable Gambling Establishments
  • Refuse (Garbage) Haulers
  • Precious Metal Dealers/Pawnshops
  • Sales of Tobacco Products
  • Sales of Liquor
  • Outdoor Vending Machine Sales
  • Solicitors, peddlers, and transient merchants 
  • Applies to any person who goes from house to house, place to place, street to street, or temporarily sets up business out of a vehicle, trailer, tent or other portable shelter
  • The license requirement does not apply to:
  • Merchants or their employees delivering goods in the regular course of business
  • Persons who distribute printed material but who do not make personal contact with the residents
  • The daily delivery of newspapers, door-to-door canvas for a political candidate or question
  • Wholesale sales to retailers 
  • Delivery of perishable food or dairy products to customers on an established delivery route
  • Activities associated with the exercise of a person's Constitutional rights (freedom of press, speech, religion, etc.) as long as no merchandise is concurrently offered for sale 
  • Commercial Tree Cutting, Trimming, Pruning, Removing, or Spraying
  • Annual licensing required
  • Any individual, partnership or corporation in the business of tree cutting, trimming, pruning, removal, spraying or otherwise treating trees
  • Food Trucks (Mobile Food Units)
  • Anyone actively selling food items from a food truck needs to be licensed
  • Annual license
  • The follow may be exempt from food truck licensing requirements but may require other types of licenses: 
  • Storage of food truck where not vending
  • Food sales in a permanent structure
  • Vending on sidewalk, patio, or outside space adjacent to their permanent establishment
  • Home grocery deliver
  • Agricultural product stands
  • Food items sold at festivals/events

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