Are There Specific Coop Standards?

Yes, specific standards for coops and runs apply. 

  •  One coop and one run or exercise yard is allowed per parcel on which a dwelling exists.  
  • The coop and run shall be located in the rear yard of the parcel and setback a minimum of: ten (10) feet from any property line and twenty-five (25) feet from any home next door. 
  • The coop has to provide at least 1 square foot of area for each hen but can't be more than twenty-four (24) square feet in total area.  Coops must be fully enclosed and 12-24" above the ground for proper ventilation. 
  • Runs must be attached to the coop and completely enclosed. They can't exceed ten sq ft per chicken and the fencing cannot exceed six (6) feet in height.  Runs may allow chickens to contact the ground and must be fully enclosed to help keep chickens separated from other animals.

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