Who Takes Care Of Trees Within The Boulevard?

These trees belong to the property owner and property owners are responsible for the care of the trees.  The City will send out notices to residents if trimming of the trees poses hazardous conditions for pedestrians and vehicles, or if they interfere with utilities.  If you are unable to take care of trimming, the City will trim the trees and may charge for that service.  Please call Public Works at 952.873.6742 if you are not sure if the tree is within the right-of-way.

A Tree Manual (PDF) has been developed to help residents.   The Manual includes ordinance standards, tree planting  & care guidance, a list of acceptable species and more. Residents are encouraged to use the manual to help improve the health of trees as Ash trees succumb to Emerald Ash Borer.  To avoid future significant tree loss, residents are encouraged to choose a wide variety of trees and be aware Maple species are becoming perhaps too prevalent at this time. 

New rules provide for reforestation of street rights of way (boulevards).  A permit is required for planting of trees in boulevard tree permit zones.  Property owners seeking boulevard tree permits are encouraged to review planting location guidelines.  

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1. Who Takes Care Of Trees Within The Boulevard?
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