What if I feel sick on Election Day?

If you are feeling sick on Election Day, are a patient in a hospital or other medical facility (including a nursing home), are a resident of a shelter or assisted living facility, or are disabled, you may enlist someone you know to help you vote. 

Each agent is allowed to deliver and return ballots for a maximum of three voters.

You can cast an absentee vote by the agent if you are a:

  • Patient in a hospital, residential treatment center, or nursing home.
  • A resident of a group home.
  • A resident of a battered women's shelter.
  • A resident of an assisted living facility.
  • Disabled voter.
  • Voters who would have difficulty getting to the polls because of incapacitating health reasons.

How to Vote by Agent

On Election Day, you can also vote from your car at our polling location. When you arrive, have someone in your car let the election judges know you would like to exercise this option. 

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