How do I know my absentee ballot will be counted?

In the 46 days prior to Election Day, voters may cast an absentee ballot in person or they may complete the absentee process by mail. In Minnesota, all citizens are allowed to vote using an absentee ballot for any reason and all absentee ballots that have been received by Election Day and accepted* by the Absentee Ballot Board are counted. You can also track the status of your ballot and verify it has been counted!

View the Status of Your Ballot. 

*To be accepted by the Absentee Ballot Board:

  • The voter's name and address on the envelope must match the absentee ballot application.
  • The voter must have signed the envelope.
  • The voter must have provided the same identification numbers on the envelope and the application or the signature on the envelope must match the signature on the application.
  • The voter must be registered and eligible to vote in the precinct or have included a properly complete and signed Voter Registration Application with proof of residence marked on the envelope.
  • A witness must have signed the statement on the envelope and provided a Minnesota residential address, a title indicating they are eligible to administer oaths or affixed a notary stamp.
  • The voter must not have already voted in the election.
  • If the absentee ballot was delivered by an agent, it must be sealed and cannot appear to have been tampered with.
  • It must have been received on time. (Before 3 pm on Election Day at City Hall if in person and by 8 pm on Election Day at Scott County offices if delivered by USPS or parcel service).
  • Alternately, voters may choose to cast a ballot using the early voting process the seven days before Election Day. Voters who choose to use the early voting process, put their ballot directly into the ballot counter themselves like on Election Day.

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