What Should I Know About Snow Emergencies?
  • A snow emergency goes into effect when snow has accumulated to a depth of 1/2 inch or more. 
  • Community members are encouraged to plan ahead and anticipate a snow emergency when snow is forecast or falling. 
  • Parking is not allowed on any residential street during a snow emergency, 
  • Downtown parking will be posted as "no parking" during a snow emergency. 
  • To help ensure that your vehicle does not get towed during a snow emergency, the Belle Plaine Police Department offers a free program called Nixle. If you sign up for Nixle  you will recieve an e-mail and text message to any cell phone regarding information on snow emergencies and / or community information. Sign up for free at www.nixle.com.
  • You may also adjust your sign in preferences for this website and receive notifications.

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1. What Should I Know About Snow Emergencies?
2. When Does A Snow Emergency Go Into Effect?