What Can I Do With Yard/Garden Waste?
  • You may responsibly compost in dedicated compost sites/bins in your back yard.
  • Leaves and grass clippings may be hauled to the City composting site at 22311 Union Trail.   
    • The site is for City residents only and you must unbag your leaves/grass clippings and take the used bags back with you as you leave the compost site. 
    • No dumping of brush or tree branches are allowed.
    • No waste from contractors or landscaping companies is allowed.
    • The composting site is open year round, from dawn until dusk, unless ground conditions require closing. 
    • Please note the compost site is monitored with security cameras, violators may be prosecuted. 
  • All household waste haulers are required to take yard waste. 
    • According to MN State Statute 115A.551 Recycling, yard waste is considered recycling. As part of the licensing requirements for refuse haulers to operate within Belle Plaine, City Code (313.03 COMPOST COLLECTION) requires waste haulers to provide the collection of compost items at a fair and reasonable price. 
    • Check with your refuse hauler for the specific requirements. Some haulers require a subscription for compost removal or utilize an on-call service.
  • Local yard waste drop-off sites:

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