Why Did This Project Come Out Of Nowhere?

For decades the City has conducted an annual street and utility improvement project. Historically those projects have focused on the most aged infrastructure and streets, typically in the original townsite. Small, annual projects help us avoid falling into a situation where all streets and utilities need to be updated at once overwhelming our financial capability. 

 Although previously on improvement “radar”, the Downtown improvement project moved up in priority in 2020 when Scott County began talking with the City about updating State St W. Infrastructure in the Downtown ties into State St W and logistically needs to be completed prior to work on State St W. Planning, discussion, public outreach, and studies have been ongoing. 

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1. What Areas Are Included In The Downtown Street & Utility Improvement Project?
2. What Does The Project Include?
3. Why Is The Project Needed?
4. Who Do I Contact Regarding This Project?
5. How Will The Project Be Paid For?
6. Why Did This Project Come Out Of Nowhere?
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