What Do I Need To Know About Snow Emergencies?

Winter weather imposes many obstacles for both residents & City staff.  It is important to remember City policies & procedures regarding snow & ice removal.

It is the responsibility of the owner and occupant of any property adjacent to a public sidewalk to remove any snow, ice, and/or rubbish no later than 12 hours after any obstructions have been deposited. Any removal by the City will be recorded and assessed against the property.

Parking will not be permitted on residential streets during a snow emergency, when snow has accumulated to a depth of one-half (½) inch or more. Downtown parking will be posted as NO PARKING during a snow emergency. To ensure that your vehicle does not get towed away due to a violation of a snow emergency, the Belle Plaine Police Department offers a free program called Nixle, which allows an e-mail and text message to any cell phone regarding the information on snow emergencies and/or community information. Sign up for free at www.nixle.com.

The winter season comes with unique obstacles, but if everyone participates and is mindful of snow removal procedures and safety it will help contribute to a comfortable community atmosphere.  City Code Chapter 5 Section 501.09

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