A City Snowplow Hit My Mailbox, Now What?

The City of Belle Plaine accepts responsibility for damages to mailboxes when the following apply:

  • The mailbox location and construction comply with USPS Regulations and Specifications. 
  • Mailboxes that are in compliance and damaged by physically being struck by a plow blade, wing, or other piece of equipment will be reimbursed.  Damage caused by snow hitting the mailbox is not covered.
  • To have your mailbox repaired or replaced, please contact City Hall at 952.873.5553.  They can help you with the process.

Mailbox Installation:

  • The City of Belle Plaine recommends that you call Gopher State One Call at 800-252-1166 before you do any digging.  Why? City right-of-ways are the areas provided for the placement of many public utilities, including: electric, gas, phone, water, sewer, and cable TV services.
  • Mailboxes should be USPS-approved.  They must be placed flush with the back of the curb and 39" to 42" from the top of the curb to the bottom of the mailbox.  Newspaper boxes and other containers should be set back a minimum of 6 inches from the back of the curb.  The post should be set back a minimum of 12 inches from the back of the curb.  
  • Placement Standards:
    • Do not attach to utility poles or other public utility structures. A minimum of 12 feet in all directions from fire hydrants must be maintained.
    • All supports must be of sufficient strength to withstand the pressure of snow being pushed against them and constructed of substances that won’t deteriorate rapidly, i.e. treated lumber and/or iron.  Snow around the mailbox is the resident’s responsibility.   If the post office can’t get access, they will not deliver your mail until access is provided.


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