What's Under My Street And Sidewalk

Ever thought about what’s under your city street or sidewalk? It’s a hidden network of underground utilities. The drinking water system delivers clean drinking water from the water treatment plant to water fixtures through a network of watermains and service lines. Once water is used, it travels through wastewater service lines and mains to the wastewater treatment plant where it is cleaned to regulated standards and returned to the environment. The storm sewer system conveys runoff into catch basins and through pipes to stormwater management ponds. City streets are mostly asphalt with a curb and gutter to assist with runoff. Streets, curb and gutter, boulevards, trails and sidewalks all fall within the public right-of-way so they can be accessed and repaired. As public underground utility systems age, network components function less efficiently and ultimately fail. The City evaluates both the street surface and underground utilities regularly to determine when infrastructure should be replaced to avoid costly emergency repairs and prolonged service outages. The resulting document, known as the Infrastructure Capital Improvements Plan, is the City Council’s guide for budgeting investments to maintain a safe and sustainable Belle Plaine for future generations.

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1. What's Under My Street And Sidewalk
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