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Bicycle Registration Program

  1. Bicycle Registration Program

    Why register your bicycle? 

    • Registering your bicycle will assist the police department in identifying your bicycle in the event that it is lost or stolen. 
    • It is free and easy to do. 

    How to register your bicycle:      

    • See the form provided below, fill it out completely and bring it to the police department during  normal business hours (Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) An employee will review the  form and provide a sticker to be placed on your bicycle (preferably under the frame, beneath the seat). The number will be kept on file and in the event that your bicycle is found, lost, or stolen, the police department will be able to identify the bicycle and return it to you. 


    • Contact the Belle Plaine Police Department at 952-873-4307.
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